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Our Frequently Asked Questions Guide

Below is our Frequently Asked Questions guide to Belize, our Jungle Resort, your Belize vacation, Belize Tours, Health issues and more. More general information can be found at our About Belize page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you?

Click Here for a Map of Belize, our Location and Driving Directions

Are you a suitable family resort?

Yes, the inland part of our packages are based at our Private Jungle Lodge, the Belize Jungle Dome. We have plenty to offer for family vacations. Apart from our numerous tours and activities we have a swimming pool which occupies children for hours. We are a family based/community resort and there are lots of local children who often make friends with our visitors and tourists. If you have a very young child then child-care can be arranged to allow the adults a 'day off'. We also have plenty to offer for Honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic getaway.

How hot is Belize?

Belize is a very hot country receiving a large amount of sunshine all year round. Temperatures are in the 80°F range for most of the year but often reach 90°F+. Belize also has a high humidity which can take some time to adjust to. If you do not like the heat then Belize is definitely not a vacation for you. The cooler months run from November to April and if you are concerned about heat we recommend this time of the year for your travel.

Belize Weather Forecast for our Belize Jungle Lodge

When is the best time to come to Belize?

Belize attracts visitors all year round but the peak season is from November to May. However great deals can be had if you travel from May onwards and most resorts offer Room Rates at a 20% discount.

Is it very buggy in the Jungle?

This is seasonal and can vary as much from one week to the next. We have mosquitoes, and numerous bugs that can be irritating. However there are steps you can take to reduce this problem which includes wearing light long pants and shirts and using a bug repellant with Deet. Our Jungle Resort is cleared and so is relatively bug free.

What about Malaria?

Malaria does occur in Central America and is something to be more concerned about if you are venturing into more rural areas. There are Malaria tablets that can be taken before and during your visit. Other precautions include keeping covered at Dusk and Dawn and whenever venturing deep into the Jungle. You should consult with your health advisor or Doctor before your visit to make the adequate arrangements.

For further information visit www.cdc.gov, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. A comprehensive website from the US Government.

What Clothes should I bring?

All your clothes should be lightweight and if possible rain proof although that depends on the time of your travel. Long pants and long sleeve shirts can be useful for your tours and trips through the juungle. A good pair of walking shoes is also important. A Large brimmed hat will help to keep the sun off your head and out of your eyes, plus a good pair of sunglasses. Bathing suit, shorts, t-shirts, and generally beach type clothing will also come in very useful. Other useful items to bring include Flashlights or Headlamps, Beach Towels and a Small Backpacks.

What about the dangerous animals?

Belize has 2 snakes that can be deadly. The Fer-de-lance and the Coral Snake are the culprits. However there have been no incidents with these animals in 25 years at the Resort, and indeed even in Belize there are very few reports of encounters with these 2 animals. Belize has Scorpions which are not dangerous and should you get stung it will be similar to a bee sting. Tarantulas also frequent the Jungle but they are extremely shy and will do everything they can to avoid human contact.

What are the best Travel Guides?

Belize has a multitude of guides including the world renowned Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. Another new guide is the Moon Handbooks Belize. We thoroughly recommend a book called 'The Ecotravellers' Wildlife Guide to Belize and Northern Guatemala' which details all the birds and animals that live in our region.

Do I need to be a good Horse Rider?

Absolutely not. We specialise in Horseback Riding Tours and often take people who have never been on a horse before. Our safety record is excellent and we have highly trained wranglers to guide you through this experience. If you are an expert rider then you will be able to gallop the trails and will really enjoy the wide open spaces and variety of rides on the 4,000 acres that surround our resort.

Apart from the tours and facilities are there other things to do?

That really depends on how adventurous you are. Many Tourists have gone spear fishing in the Belize River with our Cowboys. During the dry season the River is very low and crystal clear and catching fish with a spear gun is a great adventure. Fishing is another popular pastime at the Resort with Tarpon proving to be the favourite catch. Catfish also lurk in the depths of the Belize River. Joining in with the 'Round Up' is also another great option for those with a decent level of Horse Riding skill. Available on special request this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gallop off into the Jungle with rope in hand and round up the 130+ horses with our Wranglers by your side.

What type of Tourists come to your Resort?

Horseback Riding Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers, Adventure and Thrill seekers, Archaeologists, Birders, Families, Group Travel, Group Workshops, Students, Yoga and Pilates Workshops, Teachers, Eco-Travellers, Art Lovers, Photographers too name a few.

What about Nightlife?

If a busy nightlife is important for your vacation then do not visit our Resort. The Islands will be more suitable. However why not choose one of our all Inclusive packages and spend some time with us in the jungle and some time on the Islands where you can party all night long.

How far are the Islands, Airports and Local Town?

The Islands (Cayes) are a short 30 minute flight from the local Airstrip which is 1/2 mile from our Jungle Resort. The International Airport is a one hr Transfer from us and the Local Town, Belmopan is just 5 minutes away.

Can we Rent a Car?

You can Rent Cars at the Airport in Belize City. We do not offer this service at our Jungle Resort although we offer car transfers to most parts of the country. Companies at Belize International Airport are Budget, Crystal, Avis, Thrifty and Hertz.

What Currency Should we bring?

US dollars are widely accepted in Belize and would be the best currency to bring. Credit Cards are also accepted in most resorts and there are ATM machines available in most towns.

Do you get TV in the Jungle?

Yes, if you request our Pool-Side rooms (Belize Jungle Dome) then you will have Satellite TV. Plus our Tree-Top Cafe has Satellite TV so you can catch up on the news or sports.

Can I bring my laptop?

Yes, several of our rooms have data ports (ethernet) to enable you to send your digital pictures home and have full internet access. Our Tree-Top Cafe also has internet access and the Jungle Lodge is a wireless hotspot.

Our Frequently Asked Questions Guide


Belize Weather Forecast for our Belize Jungle Lodge